Monday, August 17, 2015

Online Writing Classes

It's been quite a while since I've posted here, but I still like to post once in a while when I have something worth sharing with those of you who homeschool.

This year, as I have one son who just went off to his freshman year of college, one son who is a senior in our homeschool high school and who works part-time, and one son who is a fifth grader, I have a little more time to do some things I am interested in doing.  I've actually been doing a bit of that the past two years, as I have begun writing again and studying the writing craft and what is currently going on in the world of writing and publishing.

Also, I have been teaching writing at homeschool co-ops for twelve years and continue to do so, and I have begun teaching literature in homeschool co-ops the past three years and will do so again this year.  I love teaching writing and literature, my two favorite subjects.

Therefore, I have decided to set up a website, with the encouragement of some homeschool friends, where I will offer writing classes online.  I also offer critiques for writers.  You can find all of the information for classes and critiques at Kelly Barr Teaches Writing, Plus.  I believe my prices are reasonable and payments are easy to make via Paypal.  Also, if you enroll your student(s) before August 24, 2015, you can receive a $20 discount.  Go to the link and read all about me and the classes and services I am offering.  I hope some of you will sign your student(s) up and share the information with your friends.

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