Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Lapbooks are fun, creative and great for the hands-on learner.  Our youngest son made three of them this year.

In the center of this one, are the lyrics for the old song "Rockin' Robin", which our son learned as a fun part of this lapbook.

 Above and below, you can see how some of these items open up to reveal information about each bird.

The following photos are of the largest lapbook we did.  It was a huge project that ended up taking us months to complete.  The theme is Christmas Around the World.  There was also a coloring page to go with each country, so he colored them and we hung them on the wall.

The large flap that says "Australia" and has a kangaroos can be lifted to reveal three small booklets that tell about Christmas Preparation, Traditions and one other aspect of Christmas in Australia.  Each country had these.  Also, the smaller one at the top that says "All About Australia" is a booklet.  You can turn the pages and see Australia's flag, read about famous landmarks, famous features and fun facts.  Each country also includes one of these, as well as some of the country's Christmas songs, recipes and a craft or two. 

Our son had fun doing all of these lapbooks but said his favorite one is the one on Birds.  He loves to learn about animals of all kinds.  

You can find many resources for creating lapbooks on the internet at places like Pinterest or websites such as  Many of these offer free templates and free downloadable printables, making it even easier to create a lapbook.

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