Thursday, February 4, 2010

Regarding the Homeschool Lifestyle

If you would like to know what a homeschool lifestyle is like you can visit my other blog, Cozy Comforts. I don't post as much on this blog as I do my Cozy Comforts blog. I use this blog strictly for passing on specific homeschool information and suggestions, as well as sharing specific homeschool activities that we do. But for a look at what our actual lifestyle is like, you will get a better idea by visiting Cozy Comforts.

I can also recommend three other blogs that some of my homeschool friends do so you can visit them to get a glimpse of their homeschool lifestyles as well. There are many different ways to homeschool and each family who homeschools has their own ideas and activities -- lifestyles. Therefore you may also want to visit: Tracy's Corner, Creekside Cottage and Hospitality Lane. You can simply click on any of the highlighted blog titles to go to those blogs. You'll also see a link to my Cozy Comforts blog here on my sidebar.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Homeschool Sports Opportunities

Homeschoolers have options for sports. In the United States there has been a law passed stating that public schools must allow homeschoolers to participate in their sports programs. Here in Pennsylvania some of our homeschoolers do participate in public school sports programs. Also, many Christian schools allow homeschoolers to participate in their sports programs. However, I am grateful that we have a homeschool group that provides a good amount of sports opportunities for my boys. We decided that since we don't have our boys in public, why would we want them participating in public school sports. We've also heard some homeschoolers who participate in public school sports express their discomfort with how they are treated by the public school kids who are in those sports programs.

Today our boys started volleyball. They will receive 13 weeks of lessons and gameplay. This is a sport they have not had an opportunity to participate in before.

The boys are also currently in their basketball season. They will be participating in a basketball tournament next Saturday and their last game will be the first weekend in March. They are both pretty good at basketball, but Nicholas excels at it a little more than Anthony, whose main sport is soccer. Basketball is Nicholas's main sport.

Anthony made a foul shot in this game!

Nicholas sure can jump! No, he didn't make this shot:(

Here he is again, jumping and shooting and . . .


This is our favorite basketball photo of Nicholas so far this year.

In the Fall, Anthony participated in the homeschool soccer program.

This is our favorite soccer photo of Anthony this year.