Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Curriculum Ideas

I wanted to let you know where you can find some homeschool curriculum. I am going to tell you a little about each of the ones I have chosen to mention and you can find links to websites to each of them on my sidebar, and you can click on a link and check out the curriculum, you might be interested in, in more depth.

The first ones I will mention, I mention only because they are names I have heard of, and I know people who have used them and have been happy with them. I, personally, have not used any of these:

Bob Jones -- I hear this is pretty advanced and has quite a bit of workbook work, but I know
people who use it and really like it.

A Beka -- I hear much the same about this one as I hear about Bob Jones.

Veritas -- I believe this is a literature based curriculum. I have not used it, but I have seen
some of their books and they look impressive.

The Mystery of History -- this is a very impressive history curriculum I have heard nothing
but good things about this. We have not tried it, but I may change
one year for my youngest son and do some of the things I haven't
done with my oldest. If so, we will definitely do this. If you want
your children to learn history, including Biblical history, I hear this
is outstanding.

Aswers in Genesis -- This is an organization started by Ken Ham. There are several curriculum
that are available through them, all either history or science and all from
a creation standpoint. This is another one I would love to do with at least
one of my boys, but haven't yet. I only became aware of these this year
at the homeschool convention.

Now for the ones that I do know:

Sonlight -- this is the one we currently use. It is literature based and involves lots of reading.
It covers Bible, History, Literature and Writing. It also offers other subjects done
by others. They, too, have a core package that focuses on Biblical history.

Apologia -- This is Science curriculum. It is creation and Christian based. It is challenging and
includes experiments to do in each level.

Saxon -- This is math curriculum. It is a good curriculum that teaches a concept and continues

to build on one concept after another. My oldest used this until he reached the Algebra

level, and my youngest is currently using it.

Math U See -- This is also a math curriculum. Math is not my oldest son's strong point, so when

he reached the Algebra level in Saxon, it was too difficult for him and was causing

much grief. We switched to Math U See and absolutely love it. It comes with

DVDs of the man who created it, explaining the concept before your child begins

to work on the concept. He explains things so clearly, my oldest son now gets

A's and B's in Math, and actually likes Math.

I hope you will find these suggestions and links (on the sidebar) helpful.

Sorry about the spacing difference. I'm not sure why this started doing this, but couldn't figure out how to fix it. (See, now it changed again. Weird!)

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