Thursday, February 4, 2010

Regarding the Homeschool Lifestyle

If you would like to know what a homeschool lifestyle is like you can visit my other blog, Cozy Comforts. I don't post as much on this blog as I do my Cozy Comforts blog. I use this blog strictly for passing on specific homeschool information and suggestions, as well as sharing specific homeschool activities that we do. But for a look at what our actual lifestyle is like, you will get a better idea by visiting Cozy Comforts.

I can also recommend three other blogs that some of my homeschool friends do so you can visit them to get a glimpse of their homeschool lifestyles as well. There are many different ways to homeschool and each family who homeschools has their own ideas and activities -- lifestyles. Therefore you may also want to visit: Tracy's Corner, Creekside Cottage and Hospitality Lane. You can simply click on any of the highlighted blog titles to go to those blogs. You'll also see a link to my Cozy Comforts blog here on my sidebar.


  1. Our homeschool life style is going through some changes. My hubby is now working second shift and I had to change or schedule around. That's one nice thing about homeschooling(flexiblity)

  2. We are at a unique point in our homeschool with preparation for graduation of both boys and looking to the future.

    This morning we worked on Political Science/history with the book The 5,000 Year Leap. Boy did that dovetail well with the signing of that awful Healthcare Bill. Lots of discussion!