Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to Begin Homeschooling

This is our final week of school for the 2008-2009 school year. We don't take off the entire summer, but we will take at least three whole weeks off before we begin again, and then we will take several breaks throughout the summer before getting really in depth in our studies at the end of August again.

But, while we are finishing, I know there are many people who are considering it and may not know what to do or where to find resources and things. So, here are a few tips for beginning that I found in my Spring 2009 issue of the "Old Schoolhouse" magazine.

Discuss With Your Spouse: Educating your child(ren) at home is a huge decision
and should be one that is made with your spouse. Do not begin unless you are
in agreement about this decision. You will need the support of your spouse not
only at the beginning, but also throughout the year(s).

Research Your State's Homeschhol Laws: Be fully aware of your state's
requirements before you begin and especially before you take a child or
children out of public school. Each state's legal requirements can be found
on the www.HomeschoolLegal.com website.

Research Styles of Home Education: There is no one right way to educate
your child(ren) at home; however, there are many differing philosophies
you may want to consider. (I will give more information on styles in a
future post)

Find Support: After finding your style of choice (or a mix of more than
one choice), you may want to choose a support group that reflects that
specific style or just a general homeschool support group in your area.
Meeting with other home educators offers encouragement as well as
knowledge and assistance with your homeschool questions. Often,
organized classes or activities for your child(ren) are offered through
support groups as well. For information about homeschool support
groups in your area, check these listings:
and www.HomeschoolLegal.com

Gather Resources: Some families start with a complete curriculum package,
while others start with a notebook and a library card. Choosing your resources
depends on your style or method of eduation and your own interests. If you
are financially burdened, there are free homeschooling resources on the web,
as well as discounted, used books in abundance.

You Can Do This! Parents around the world are taking back their God-given
responsibility to educate their children, and you can too. The Old Schoolhouse has
developed two downloads to help you get started:

"Homeschool With Confidence"

"Simple Recipes for Successful Homeschooling"

In a later post, I will also talk about the different types of curriculums out there.

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