Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Common Questions about Homeschooling

"I don't have a teaching degree. I'm just a mom. How can I possibly do this?"
That's perfect. Motherhood and homeschooling go hand in hand, and neither one comes with directions!
Although many good sources of help are available, some people don't know where to look for them. Just as many newlyweds learn to bake and cook with a lovingly handed-down book of favorite recipes, anyone with an interest in a subject can learn on her own!
Kids don't need parents who are rocket scientists or even ones with teaching certificates. They do need unselfish parents who love them, are willing to guide them, and want to spend time with them every day. Children need parents who believe in them and will help them become all that God created them to be.
Who loves your kids more than you? Mom and Dad, be confident in your ability to teach, and learn right along with your children as you begin this creative journey.

"What difficulties might I face?"
The challenges homeschoolers face are unique and different. If you asked a dozen homeschoolers what things have been hard for them, you would hear a dozen different answers! Yet, in spite of the difficulties, their children still thrive, learn, and grow.
Many children acquire negative labels, are misunderstood, or are misdiagnosed in an institutional setting where the teacher-child ratio is farr off balance. Little children need to run, move, and play! They aren't necessarily in need of medication just because they can't sit still or because they "act out" in a group. Research shows and results prove that learning happens in different ways and on individual time frames. don't be discouraged if little Johnny can't read yet and he is 10! It will come. Be patient, and don't be quick to say everything is a learning disability.
Being in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment can change those so-called hyperactive, ADD, bullying, withdrawn, or surly kids. They respond very well to loving relationships and guidance. As homeschoolers, they've been found to lose many of the characteristics that caused them to earn the labels in the first place.

"My in-laws are totally against this idea."
Go back to your firm foundation, and remember that your kids are your responsibility. There will always be well-meaning concern from relatives, friends or even strangers. Just remember to be kind and courteous in your responses and trust your instincts. Your life will turn the naysayers around, eventually. The proof is in the pudding!

"I don't have the patience to homeschool."
Feeling that you're not the "patient homeschooling type" doesn't mean you aren't! Before you had a child, were you blessed with the patience required to raise him or her? Or before you were married, did you already possess the patience to be a submissive wife?
God doesn't go around doling out patience in certain amounts to designated people. Rather, He blesses us with it as we need it. Ask any mother if she has enough patience to have another child and she will probably say no. We are blessed with patience as we need it, not in advance. Homeschooling is the same way. If you decide that this is what God is calling you to through circumstances or conviction, then rest assured He won't leave you!

*Note: I took this information from a little pamphlet that came with an issue of my Old Schoolhouse magazine. I will continue with more questions and answers in my next post.

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