Monday, March 18, 2013

Internet: Friend or Foe to the Homeschooler

I've had several people ask me if we do cyber schooling, and my answer is always, "No".  We do use the computer and internet for some things for school, like when we need to research something and find information about something.  I just love books too much to have my children on the internet for all of their school subjects.

I also don't want my children to think they need to be on the computer all of the time.  I want them to want to play outdoors and play pretend things that require use of their imaginations.  I think that this technology age has a place, but I believe it is best in small doses.

I work via the computer, so I spend four to six hours a day on the computer working.  Therefore, I spend, usually one day a week, preparing these blog posts and scheduling them to go out at different times throughout the week because I feel this blog has a place and can be of help and encouragement or even just a source of information for others.  However, I enjoy spending time with my family and reading books, sewing and some other things, so I limit my social time or "fun" time on the computer.  I already explained the blog posts, but I also spend about two hours a week on Facebook and about two hours a week on Pinterest and those things I do after the children are in bed.

I do know that computers, internet, and tablets are being used more and more for school, both in the homeschool realm as well as in the public school systems.  However, the main thing my husband and I want our children to learn is belief, faith and trust in the Lord God, and we want them to learn his word.  We do not want to use ANY resources that teach anything that is contrary to God's word.  Therefore, if we use any websites, especially educational websites for the children for school, I research them well first, to be sure they are not teaching anything we would not want our children to learn.

With more and more companies creating educational websites and apps and making them more readily available by offering them for free or at a low cost, there are many things to choose from.  We choose wisely and set limits, because even though we see technology as a valuable tool, we still see books and, even more so, human contact and attention as more valuable.

So, my advice on using technology in the homeschool, be sure whatever you choose to use fits your families beliefs and faith and use it wisely.

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