Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Prepare to Attend a Homeschool Convention/Conference

It is the time of year for homeschool conventions/conferences to be in full swing.  We will be attending our local homeschool convention this Friday and Saturday.

You will be overwhelmed your first year.  I certainly was.  To find out more about my thoughts on the importance of attending homeschool conventions/conferences, read my older post, from March 16, 2013 "Is it Important to Attend a Homeschool Convention/Conference?"

Here are my tips for being prepared to attend a homeschool convention/conference:

1.  Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes that are comfortable for sitting and walking.

2.  Be sure you know your homeschool law and what subjects you are required to teach at what grade

3.  Be sure you have money for parking try to arrive early for parking or be prepared to park a distance
     away and travel by tram or shuttle bus.

4.  Be sure you have money to spend because you will find things you will want to purchase.  However, it is
     a good idea not to spend any money the first day, but to simply look around and get a good idea of what
     you think will work for you and your child(ren).  Avoid impulse spending or you may purchase something
     that is not a good fit for you and your child(ren).

5.  Pack lunch or plan to spend for that and maybe dinner as well.  The prices of food at the convention/
     conference you attend may be unreasonable, so consider this and check to see what restaurants are in
     the area as well.

6.  You may want to stay overnight in a hotel if you travel quite a distance to attend the
      convention/conference.  Plan for this expense as well.  This is a great opportunity for a couple to have
      some time together without the kids, or for some moms to go together for some ladies' time.

7.   Be sure to have pen and a tablet or notebook for taking notes in the seminars you attend.  You may
      also want some money to purchase some CDs or MP-3 downloads of seminars you really feel you need
      to hear again or of a seminar or two you can't get to because it's time conflicts with another one you

8.   Be sure to visit the convention/conference website well in advance and print a copy of the speakers'
      seminar topics and study them and mark the ones you want to attend ahead of time.

9.   Also, print a copy of the vendor list from the website and mark the ones you want to be sure to check

10.  Look for any other information, on the website, you feel you need to know prior to attending the

11.  Be sure to visit HSLDA and sign up for membership.  It is a valuable membership you won't regret
       having.  I suggest a lifetime membership if you know you are committed to homeschooling and are
       planning to homeschool for 10 years or more because this is the greatest value for you.

12.  You will want to consider what kind of bag to take with you for your purchases or you may want to
        check the website to see if they offer a box/package option, where you can have your purchases
        packed for you, and then you can pull your car up to the loading area where you can pick up your  
        boxes.  There is a fee for the packing service.  If you take your own bag, I suggest something on
        wheels, but not too large to be a problem in narrow aisles.

I think I've covered all of the important tips.  Enjoy your homeschool convention/conference and be prepared to get refreshed, rejuvenated and excited about the upcoming school year!

My next post will not appear until Monday, May 13, 2013 as I will be at my homeschool convention/conference tomorrow and Saturday and at Sunday school and church on Sunday.  Have a blessed weekend everyone.

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  1. I seen your boys at the convention. I guess I should say young men! I told Nick that it wasn't fair that I had to look up to him. The are such good young men.