Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Decision to Become Part of a Family Integrated Church Part 3

We began regularly attending this family integrated church in late July of 2007.  We fully enjoyed the series on "Apologetics" that the pastor taught and took lots of notes.  I couldn't figure out why other churches weren't teaching this.  It is so crucial to being able to stand strong in your faith.

Not long after we began attending the church, they announced that Voddie Baucham would be speaking at a church even closer to our house one evening.  They explained that he was the man who began speaking and teaching about the need and benefit of family integrated churches.

Our oldest son and I went to hear Voddie Baucham speak that evening and were moved and inspired.  When we met Mr. Baucham in the foyer afterward, my son gave him a hug.  We spoke briefly to Mr. Baucham then and told him that we had recently began attending a family integrated church.  We also purchased his book Family Driven Faith, which I began to read the next day.  What a fantastic book.  I highly recommend it to all believers.  It explains so much about the importance of family unity and teaching our children the truth of God's word and why a family integrated church is a great model for bringing families together again, and how churches that separate into age/peer groups don't really help a family to be united.

A few years later, I also read Ken Ham's book Already Gone and realized that I had witnessed, what he talked about in this book, in our previous church, and knew that I didn't want this for my boys.

Our family integrated church doesn't just have us remain together as families during Sunday school and church services.  They are all about relationship-building within the church.  They believe in really getting to know one another within the church and building strong bonds within the congregations, truly becoming part of an even larger family -- knowing, loving, helping and encouraging each other in all things, often supplying a need without having to be asked, and always willing to help and supply a need when asked.

I will complete this series by posting Part 4 tomorrow, where I will talk about some of the activities our church participates in as a group.

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