Thursday, June 4, 2009

Famous Homeschooler of the Week

I am sorry if I missed posting a famous homeschooler last week. I almost forgot it this week as well, but here it is, your famous homeschooler for this week is:

Patrick Henry

Did you know that many of the men involved in founding our country were the product of at least some home education by their parents?

His most famous words are "Give me liberty or give me death!" Patrick Henry, one of the great leaders of the American Revolution, was willing to die for his beliefs. He used his legendary speaking abilities to persuade others to fight for their God-given freedoms.

Patrick Henry was raised by godly parents who assumed the responsibility for his education. At first, Colonel John Henry sent his son to a common English school. But when Patrick was 10, Colonel Henry pulled him out of school and began to teach him at home. Colonel Henry taught his son enough Latin to read the great Roman classics with ease the rest of his life.

Patrick's parents gave him religious training as well. On the way home from church, his mother would have Patrick recite the text and summarize the sermon. The Henrys attended the church of Samuel Davies, a fiery preacher who fought for religious liberty in early America. Davies' eloquence and theology helped shape the thinking and oratory of young Patrick Henry.

The academic and religious training he received from his parents helped him become a successful lawyer, a leader of the Revolution, the governor of Virginia, and a staunch defender of religious liberty.

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