Monday, June 22, 2009

An Incredible Planner

If you want to make planning your homeschool year easier, I have found an incredible planner that will help you do just that. This planner is packed with calendar pages, lesson plan pages for daily, weekly, and monthly. It even has about two recipes for each month if you need a dinner idea. It includes some great lesson plan items that you could use to teach a whole lesson from or use as an aid to add to a lesson. It has a chart of the Latin and Greek roots of words, information on the planets in the solar system, a complete list of the Presidents and their First Ladies, Book lists, a place to keep record of books borrowed, curriculum used. It even includes a page for you to keep a list of books you read, videos you watch or activities you participate in to keep yourself refreshed and encouraged to continue teaching your child(ren)!

You've got to see it to believe it! I think it's more than worth it's money! It's from the Old Schoolhouse magazine and you can download it from any computer. I have a link on the sidebar where you can click to check it out and then to order it, if you choose.

I have mine and can't wait to use it!

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