Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Reasons I Homeschool

I had an interesting conversation with some ladies on Sunday, that really got me to thinking. My friend, Christine, has her daughter in a Christian school, and she told me that her daughter is learning how to use the computer in school. But, she said, they aren't teaching her how to use the keyboard using all of her fingers. She is using just her two pointer fingers! I find this ridiculous! It is so much easier and quicker to use a keyboard when you are taught the typing skills -- using homekeys and learning where the keys are and which of your fingers go on what letter on the homekey row and what each finger can reach to type as well. It makes things quicker and easier because you don't even have to look at the keyboard if you know how to type this way.

Then, my friend, Mrs. Rabe, said that she doesn't think they even make spelling as important as it used to be because of all of the kids texting and misspelling things on purpose to shorten things for texting purposes, as well as the fact that on computers there is spell check.

Finally, my youngest son was in public school for three months several years ago, and they were teaching him to just write words however he felt they should be written if he didn't know how to spell them. This was completely unacceptable to me because he began to believe that his own misspellings were the correct spellings of commonly used words!

It amazes me how some public school teachers that I know have issues with what I'm doing but don't see anything wrong with things like those I listed above. All I know is that I want my boys to learn how to type using all of the keys on the keyboard and I want them to know how to spell correctly. If they cannot spell correctly, how will they be able to read things of importance. Also, if everyone just starts spelling things any way they want, what will happen to our communication?

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