Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Common Questions about Homeschooling

"What if my child has special needs?"
An excellent resource for special needs homeschooling is NATHHAN, the National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network. But remember, there are always unique needs present in every family! Some people have a special diet to adhere to--hence, no sugar or wheat is included in the recipe. And as with a special diet, there are special considerations in every family situation. You may be raising one or more children with a disability; or you, the parent, may have an illness or condition. See these things as challenges, not obstacles. An upcoming move or new baby in the family is just on more opportunity to learn! (And parents, YOU choose how to guide the learning.) Homeschooling in these situations is really no different from everyday life with them, and you are already familiar with that.

"Isn't there more to it than books, though?"
did you know that learning life skills is homeschooling too? How many high school grads do you know who don't have the necessary skills to manage a home? Lots. With homeschooling, you can be sure to teach your kids routine home maintenance, cooking, gardening, how to balance a checkbook, and so on! These things are part of life, but sometimes they get pushed to the "back burner" at an institutional school. Homeschooling provides guidance and direction in all areas of life, not just academics.

Yet again, this information came from the little pamphlet that came with one of the issues of my Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Just two installments left to this series.

By the way, homeschoolers also have access to sports. Some play sports with the local public school, but many homeschool groups also have organized sports. To see some photos of this, visit my other blog, Cozy Comforts, because my oldest son, Anthony, is currently in his soccer season and I posted photos from their first game today.

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