Friday, March 1, 2013

A Book Review of Gentle Ben by Walt Morey

I just finished reading Gentle Ben by Walt Morey to my eight-year-old a little over a week ago.  We loved the story, and sometimes it made me cry and my little boy would simply look at me and wait for the tears to subside enough for me to continue reading.

Gentle Ben draws you into the life of Mark and his parents and into the life of this poor, mistreated bear cub.  Ben ends up becoming Mark's pet, but the story has so many conflicts that cause you to fear for Ben's life.  While reading this book, you learn about Alaska, brown bears, salmon and salmon fishing, friendship and the love of family.

I would say that the ending of Gentle Ben is a bit of a surprise as well.  But, the entire story is just so enjoyable, and it's hard to put down at the end of each chapter, but we only read a chapter a day, because we have other things to do for school too.

Gentle Ben is a  great story and it's a great story for boys.  I love reading to my boys and having them read to me.  Books are such a treasure.  We read many great books for school and some, like Gentle Ben, we just read and absorb.  Others we read and we may create a lapbook, notebook or a simple book report about.  Books have taken us on some of our greatest adventures.

This year my eight-year-old has also enjoyed reading Henry Huggins and the Veggie Tales:  LarryBoy chapter books.

You can look at my bookshelf on my sidebar for other books we have enjoyed in our homeschool.

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