Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Froze n' yo Cafe

As homeschoolers we have always done our best to function on one income.  Recently, I have taken on a part-time job that I can work from home, working for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  This has been a blessing because just a couple of months after starting the job, my husband was laid off from his job.  This has been a norm with the type of work that he has always done, and unfortunately, this is the third time it has also led to the company he was working for closing its doors for good.  So, he's been out of work since August.  So, I have learned to do many things to cut corners and save on groceries and things, including making a lot more things from scratch.

Anyway, that's all part of a past post, what I want to share is some things we still allow ourselves to do occasionally for fun.  Sometimes we go for a hike, sometimes with the dogs.  Sometimes we go for a drive.  These are free things.  Once in a while we do spend a little money to do something we enjoy and today we took the boys to the Froze n' yo Cafe.  My husband and I had found it a month or so ago when I asked him to try to find it when we were in the area that I had heard it was in.  We found it and went in and had ourselves a treat, so we wanted to take the boys sometime, and today was the day, and we will visit as often as we can, because we love it!

It's a little mom and pop business in Lancaster, PA.  It's a self-serve frozen yogurt shop with lots of toppings and coffee and crepes and more.  Our dear friend, Carol Cargile, owns and operates it, and she and her staff are friendly and welcoming.  They have a great variety of frozen yogurt flavors to choose from, and they frequently change, as do some of the toppings.  So each time you go, you may find something new, and you can always create something new and delicious.  You can even make your own smoothies.


Carol and I

My guys and their yummy frozen yogurt sundaes. 

Mmmmmmm, yummy! 

 They even give you a card that you get punched for each yogurt item you purchase, and after 10 purchases, you get a $5 item FREE!

It has become my favorite place to go for dessert or a sweet treat!  If you're ever in Lancaster County, be sure and visit my friend, Carol at Froze n' yo Cafe and tell her Kelly sent you!

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